In 2010, the City of Greenwood began taking the necessary steps to start clearing debris and rubble at the abandoned mill site in Greenwood Mill Village Neighborhood.  The City continues to work diligently to begin the approved debris removal project at the Kitson Avenue site.

The abandoned property was owned by a number of salvaged companies after Greenwood Mills including Timberworks, LLC in 2007. Timberworks, LLC intended to salvage construction materials from the former mill, however, large amounts of asbestos were discovered during the reclamation and they terminated their operations. The company soon became defunct and county taxes were not paid on the property.

The City of Greenwood took action in 2010 by ordering a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment of the property and sought state and federal funding to remove the debris. In June 2011, the City entered into a Non-Responsible Party Voluntary Cleanup Contract with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, and voted to accept ownership of the property through a tax sale assignment. After a Work Plan for Debris Removal was completed in July of 2011 a $500,000 grant was awarded for the cleanup.

Contract documents including one for debris removal and for a third party air-monitoring contractor were finalized this summer. NEO Corporation signed a $467,250 contract for the debris removal, and ECS Carolinas LLP signed a $40,120 contract to handle air monitoring during the debris removal. Both contracts are being paid with a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant award.

NEO Corporation is currently working to obtain final permits from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control including their Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan permit, approval of their Waste Management Plan and approval of their Contingency Plan.

The project is anticipated to last 90 days beginning the week of Nov. 5. The completion date will depend on a number of factors including weather or unanticipated conditions at the site.

For more information, visit or contact the City Manager’s Office at 864-942-8412.