There is a lot to consider when choosing a bank for your personal checking account, and today there are more banking options than ever. Luckily, Greenwood offers a variety of banks to fit you and your financial needs.

When choosing a bank, convenience is key. What banks are easily accessible when driving around town during your everyday activities? Some banks like Park Sterling, Wells Fargo, First Citizens, Bank of America and County Bank offer multiple branch and ATM locations in Greenwood, while SunTrust and Palmetto Bank only offer one.

One thing all banks in Greenwood do offer is some form of online banking, bill pay and e-statements. Most banks reward their customers for taking advantage of these paperless banking options by not charging them monthly maintenance fees.

Another thing to consider when choosing a bank is the type of banking relationship you want. Developing a personal, long-term relationship with a bank usually calls for smaller, local banks like County Bank or Palmetto Bank. Frequent traveling and the need to access ATMs and branches out of town might suggest you use a regional bank like Park Sterling, First Citizens or SunTrust, or a national bank like Wells Fargo or Bank of America.

Whatever bank you choose in Greenwood, make sure to consider location, convenience and your preferred banking relationship. Also, visit branch offices and web sites to compare interest rates and service charges before making any final decisions.